About Me

A little about me…

Photography was never really a hobby that interested me. Pretty much, it just frustrated me. Starting out with a point and shoot like most people, it puzzled me how a camera that “cost so much” could take such bad pictures.

So naturally, I would spend more money to achieve the same results. It wasn’t until I invested in a Mirrorless camera that I learned that patience is required. Along with some knowledge of how lighting affects your images, as well as framing and composition. It’s also very important to learn the settings on your camera what they can do to affect the final outcome.

And so now, here I am with my Sony a6000, by all intents and purposes a beginner camera, but capable still of taking great shots. As with most cameras, as I said earlier with some patience and knowledge of settings any camera is capable of great shots, especially the 6000. I haven’t had it long, but I’ve taken some great shots with it. I hope to display them here, in time, as I build this site.

So stay tuned, and take this journey with me. I still have so much to learn.

My Gear

Sony a7III w/ Kit Lens
Sony a6000 Mirroless Body
Sony 16-50 Kit Lens
Sony 55-210 Telephoto Lens
Sigma 30mm Contemporary Lens
Sony 18-105 Telephoto