Alone At Last

Ah yes, Alone at Last. The day I took this, I rode the subway out to Vaughan Station. That’s about 9000 stops from the closest subway stop to me. So it took awhile. 

My plan wasn’t actually to get this shot, it was to get a shot of the ceiling of the station, as I heard and had seen from 1 IG post that it was a vision. And it was, but I had some trouble getting a good shot of it. I’ll probably post that image later. But…on to the back story of this one. 
As I was waiting to leave the station it occurred to me that the trains sit there for a few minutes and allow people to pile in. So I decided to get a shot while I could. 
It proved to be more difficult than one might think. The first train seemed like a good opportunity so I kneeled down and took a few shots. When I decided I had enough, I scrolled through the images and to my dismay there sat a vagrant (aka hobo) 3 quarters of the way down. I was pretty sure he had no intention of vacating so I waited for the next one.

The Next One

This one seemed perfect, until some guy walked on, saw I was about to take a picture and proceeded to pop a squat a quarter of the way down. I mean what’s the point of shooting if you don’t get an empty train. Am I right? NEXT!

The Third One

On to the 3rd one. This was also a good opportunity, but after scrolling through my images I saw some garbage on the floor about halfway down. I really need to start paying more attention to detail, particularly in this hobby.

The Last One

And…so… on to the forth one. This one seemed like it was going to have issues as well, until some woman got on. I guess she saw me staring at her with a look of disapproval and looking creepy and decided to bolt. That was my opportunity, hence the creation of this image. 
I really like this one, what do you think?


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