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    I Rode the Subway Today

    This really isn’t a big deal, I ride the subway nearly everyday, but today was different. Today I rode just for the sake of making some images. Read on… For the last 3 weeks or so, I’ve been preoccupied with getting a shot of the subway platform through the open doors. Ideally as people were getting on the train. But I don’t quite have the nerve for that. At the forefront of my mind while I was shooting was not being so self-conscious while people were around and looking at me. You might be surprised at how nerve-wracking that is if you don’t do it yourself. Mostly they just want…

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    Photo-walk: Downtown Toronto

    Today’s Photo-walk in Downtown Toronto was nothing special. I’ve done it many times. I went out because I had an urge to get out and shoot. If I ignore that feeling for too long, I do go out eventually, but I usually end up shooting everything in sight.This photo-walk however was more thoughtful. I was more in-tuned with my surroundings and open to everything that caught my eye. Strollin’ This isn’t always the case. Sometimes I’m out and I’m looking for something in particular. That ‘Instagram Banger” you might say. But that’s not always realistic. Not only is it unrealistic, but it’s not the right way to go about creating.…

  • WInter Wrap-up

    Winter Wrap-up

    We’ve come to the end of another Winter and here’s my Winter wrap-up. I have to say that I am a little sad. You might be asking yourself why. It’s because my view on Winter 2018 – 2019 is much different than Winter 2017 – 2018 and previous winters. No longer do I dread the cold, snow, and slush. I sort of miss it. In fact, I find myself of late and as I sit here typing this, hoping we receive a last blast before the end of this month. I don’t think it’s going to happen though. Although the Purple One says that “Sometimes it Snows in April”. I…

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    The Subway Entrance Series

    This became a thing, mostly accidentally. I was walking passed Museum Station one night and decided to shoot a picture of the entrance. It kinda just took off from there. Now, all I can think about as of this writing is when I’m going to get my next one, and which one it’s going to be.  There aren’t many of these. At the time of this draft I feel like I have 4 remaining. College, Wellesley, Dundas and King. Up to now I have Museum, Osgood, St. Patrick, St. Andrew, and Queen.  I’ve determined that they look better at night, so I have to plan around that. And not just…

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    The Scarborough Bluffs

    I’m sure the Scarborough Bluffs are nothing new to most people in the Toronto area. However, it’s relatively new to me. As this was only my second time there, it’s still very impressive to me. It was New Year’s Day, and pretty much on a whim, this is where we ended up. What was supposed to be just a walk along the beach, but instead we ended up walking all over, or so it seemed to me. It was cold, I had a lot to drink on New Year’s Eve and I wasn’t handling it well.I’m not complaining, even if it sounds like it. It was well worth it. The…

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    Gooderham Photo-walk

    I’m referring to this as the “Gooderham Photo-walk” since that’s where our final destination was. If you’re unfamiliar with this landmark building, next to the CN Tower, it might be Toronto’s most photographed site. I don’t have the data to back that up, I’m basing it solely on the amount of images I see splashed within Instagram. But it’s probably accurate. Read on… The Route This was my first Photo-walk, with a group anyway. I’ve done many Photo Walks alone, but this is the first time joining up with people I don’t know and shooting. It was actually a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect so I…

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    Trillium Park

    What started out as a destination photo-walk to Dufferin Bridge to catch the sunrise, found me at a completely random spot, Trillium Park. I’ve known for some time that it was nice area, but I assumed entry was through Ontario Place which required payment. Not that I’m cheap, but I felt like I needed a better reason to go down there. As it turns out, there doesn’t appear to be anything going on at Ontario Place. So entry was not a problem. Also, it was before 8 am so it was dead. As you might see from the images, Trillium Park is simply stunning. The view of the lake is…

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    Chester Hill Lookout

    I’ve just recently discovered Chester Hill Lookout via someone’s post on Instagram. And I have to say, it’s breathtaking. I don’t even use that word, so there must be something to it. The pictures I’m showing in this post were taken around noon. It was not a great day for photos as rain was on the horizon. But that light wasn’t as harsh as normal daytime shooting that I do. I will go back on a clear day, probably many times as there is a lot to work with here.