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    I Rode the Subway Today

    This really isn’t a big deal, I ride the subway nearly everyday, but today was different. Today I rode just for the sake of making some images. Read on… For the last 3 weeks or so, I’ve been preoccupied with getting a shot of the subway platform through the open doors. Ideally as people were getting on the train. But I don’t quite have the nerve for that. At the forefront of my mind while I was shooting was not being so self-conscious while people were around and looking at me. You might be surprised at how nerve-wracking that is if you don’t do it yourself. Mostly they just want…

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    Alone At Last

    Ah yes, Alone at Last. The day I took this, I rode the subway out to Vaughan Station. That’s about 9000 stops from the closest subway stop to me. So it took awhile.  My plan wasn’t actually to get this shot, it was to get a shot of the ceiling of the station, as I heard and had seen from 1 IG post that it was a vision. And it was, but I had some trouble getting a good shot of it. I’ll probably post that image later. But…on to the back story of this one.  As I was waiting to leave the station it occurred to me that the…