Chedoke Falls

Stop #2 on our “Chasing Waterfalls Weekend” was Chedoke Falls. From our trek, I can say that these Falls consist of 1 ‘upper’ Falls, created by a large drain pipe, and 2 ‘lower’ falls, fed by the same drain pipe. So not exactly natural, the upper Falls is still quite pretty. After sitting back and allowing other hikers to enjoy them we finally got our chance and made the best of it as we sat there on a rock and basked in the calming sounds of water cascading over the rocks. Many selfies, mini movies and portraits were taken. Some of which I intend to show here.


Access to the Falls was gained through a hole in a fence (red flag) and a relatively short trip through the stream and over rocks. Some creative navigation was on the menu, as expected as there was no direct path to the falls. I’m proud to say that I made it over the jagged and slippery rocks unscathed. I can’t say the same for the guy with a group that slipped with a thud on a rock, but managed to pick himself up and carry on. How he managed to restrain himself from launching one of the loose rocks at the guy, I can only guess was his dad, that laughed at him I’ll never know. Kudos to him.

On The Lam

So, we commenced on our trip back, this time wearing wet shoes, the navigating was much easier. As we approached the short climb back up through the hole in the fence, voices could be heard. Some from a group of hikers, and 1 from what turned out to be a Hamilton Bylaw Enforcement officer. It turns out, access to these Falls is prohibited. Barely indicated by a single sign on the gravel path that takes you through the Chedoke Radial Trail. Who knew indeed.
I shall spare the details of this encounter with the Enforcement Officer. I will only say, if you plan to see these Falls for yourself, DON’T!

Until next time…