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Chester Hill Lookout – The Autumn View

If you follow me on Instagram, and I can’t see why you wouldn’t, then you’ve probably already seen the images that follow this post. But then again, maybe not. The Instagram Algorithm is so skewed that you may have missed them, even though I’m your favourite photographer and you’re waiting with baited breath for my next post…

At any rate, I wanted to take a minute to talk about this location. The Chester Hill Lookout – Autumn View in a word, it’s amazing. In any season actually. Though I can’t really speak for Winter because I don’t think I’ve been there in Toronto’s harshest season as yet. But I will this year. Count on it.


It’s amazing because it gives you a lookout over our beautiful Toronto Skyline, cranes and all. I used get annoyed while taking shots of the Toronto Skyline, but not anymore. I’ve come to realize that the cranes that tower over the city, signify progress. And progress is a good thing. Even if my reasons for being so accepting of them now are selfish. They represent the future Toronto Skyline, and they can only enhance it.

The Skyline

The Skyline for me is a magnet. I almost always try to incorporate the skyline in a lot of my shots. Not everyone has the same appreciation that I do. But if you follow other photographers on ‘the gram’, you’ll see that they’re drawn to it as well. How could you not be?! I mean honestly.

The images I shot on this day didn’t come easily. The secret is out on this spot. There are always people here. It was not different on this occasion. But I managed to squeeze off a few that I was quite happy with.

So have a look, and hopefully you enjoy them as much I did shooting them.

Until next time…