Chetleham Badlands – Bellfountain Conservation Area

Dubbed “Chasing Waterfalls Weekend”, my girlfriend and I set out to view as many waterfalls as time and weather would permit. It turns out, the weekend allowed for 2, Bellfountain Conservation Area and the falls found on the Chedoke Radial Trail. More on the Chedoke Falls in an upcoming post.

The Waterfalls

The Waterfalls in Bellfountain Conservation are created by a dam. They’re still impressive, as the sound of water falling over the edge is loud and soothing at the same time. 

If you don’t mind crowds of selfie takers and all around attraction hogs (I made that term up) then this is a good place to visit. The trail is a pretty easy one, but it also connects to the Bruce Trail. I’ve not been on that one but I suspect it’s more intermediate to professional. So maybe one day.

Leave No Trace

And please, if you do choose to visit this area, please don’t leave your garbage along this trail or any other. It’s disrespectful and not good for the environment. We found water bottles strewn around the trail and picked up as many as we could, but I’d rather not spend my recreational time picking up after lazy hikers.  This is an unpaid public service announcement.


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While en-route to Bellfountain, we realized that Chetleham Badlands were in close proximity, so we put it on the list for when we finished the first stop. Both of us had heard many good things about the Badlands, so naturally we got excited.
And this is where the disappointment set in. As we approached, we saw nothing but fencing lining the road, from the bottom of the Badlands to the top. With no place to park, aside from a spot marked for O.P.P. only, we took our chances and pulled over into this spot. 

Respect the Environment

You see, people get excited when they see places like this and they don’t always use their heads. Some people take too many chances and fall over cliffs into ravines and some disobey the signs and trek onto the protected areas, such as the Badlands for that perfect selfie. I get it, but in doing so they ruin it for everyone. As is the case with the Chetleham Badlands. It’s closed to the public. No access. There’s a sign saying it will open in 2018, but this was end of August and it was still closed. So sad, as this is a special area that is worth the trip (when it’s open).

So, we snapped as many shots as we could, while keeping an eye on the car and we got the hell out of there. Maybe we’ll go back when you can use the trail to approach the Badlands from the top, as it was meant to be.

Until next time…


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