Tdot Photo Walk

Gooderham Photo-walk

I’m referring to this as the “Gooderham Photo-walk” since that’s where our final destination was. If you’re unfamiliar with this landmark building, next to the CN Tower, it might be Toronto’s most photographed site. I don’t have the data to back that up, I’m basing it solely on the amount of images I see splashed within Instagram. But it’s probably accurate. Read on…

The Route

This was my first Photo-walk, with a group anyway. I’ve done many Photo Walks alone, but this is the first time joining up with people I don’t know and shooting. It was actually a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect so I went into completely open and I wasn’t disappointed.
Big thanks to Mike from @tdot_shots [IG] for organizing it. Apparently, there will be another one in the spring. I expect that it will be as awesome as this one.

We met at the flagpole in the middle of TD Centre Plaza. This is a group of skyscrapers, including 4 black office towers that are extremely photographic. It’s also a popular location for photographers, because the buildings are so well designed and clad in black.

Brookfield Place

The next stop was Brookfield Place, specifically the Atrium. Another popular site for Photographers. This building was constructed while preserving an existing brick building facade from the structure formly on the same site.
Incidentally, in a previous life I worked for a company that built the cladding for the second of these 2 towers ( I have the scars to prove it).

I’ve always found this spot difficult to photograph, due to the lighting. It’s a bit dark and seems like it’s lit with fluorescent light bulbs. Though I’ve never really payed attention to it, and I doubt that’s the case.

Brookfield Atrium

Brookfield Atrium
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From there, we moved on to the final destination, the Gooderham Building, aka The Flat Iron building. Many cities have one of these, it’s not unique to Toronto. It is definitely a popular site for photographers.

We spent probably an hour at this location alone. While we were there, quite a few people could be seen using their cell phones to take selfies and pictures of the sunset, as the CN Tower can also be viewed from this location and when lit up, accompanied by a sunset, it is truly a sight to behold, as it was this night. 
There were guys lying on the road, people leaning on cars, and people running into traffic. It was pretty awesome to be a part of and witness this.
To quote Tyler of @tylersjourney Instagram fame (also Timelapse) “whatever you gotta do for the shot, right”. I should also add, it was truly a pleasant surprise to be joined on this walk by Tyler. Many of us drool over his work on a daily basis. I tried not to fanboy too much, but I’m sure it was obvious. Sorry Tyler!


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So, there you have it. My first Photo Walk. Definitely not my last.

Until next time...