Kelso Lookout

Nature Trail Season – Kelso Conservation Park

The focus of this blog is the 2019 Nature Trail season and Kelso Conservation Park in Halton Region. Specifically Milton. It consists of many attractions apart from hiking. Mountain Biking, Camping, Boating, Swimming, Skiing and Snowboarding and movies under the stars. We were there for the hiking, as there was no snow…
Since we visited during the Spring, I won’t discuss the Skiing capabilities of this Park. Though it does exist. I’m not a skier, so I cannot attest to the quality of this hill.

I visited this Park with my girlfriend Sheri, and 2 of our friends. This was my first time here so I had no clue what to expect. Sometimes this is better in that it keeps you from being disappointed if your expectations are too high.

The Climb

What a climb it was. As we were approaching the area, a steep cliff be seen from the road. I believe the exact words were “I doubt the trail will take us up there”. Not so fast! We did in fact make this climb, as it was necessary to access the trail. I don’t mind admitting I mostly struggled with it and with every step begging for the end to come into view. Needless to say we all made it up and it got easier from there. I should add the path up consisted of uneven gravel, so that made it more difficult.
Typically, they rate these kinds of trails for ease of use. I would say this was an Intermediate, based on the climb up and the terrain once on the trail. You can disagree if you’ve been on it, but you’ll have to fight me…


This trail has some pretty good views. It also had some views that overlooked the Industrial Park in Milton. That view, not so great. But you walk past it and come upon a better one. One with Turkey Vultures soaring nearby. They’re quite majestic when you see them up close. Even if they are only Turkey Vultures…
There are a couple of official lookouts, they’re a bit obstructed by trees, but still somewhat breath taking.
We also encountered a section where some giant rocks had piled up and left an opening where, if one were brave enough, they could venture down into this abyss not knowing where it would lead to or if you would ever see daylight again. None of us were that brave though, as beer o’clock was fast approaching.

Climb down if you dare…

We spent close to 2 hours on this trail. I would say it’s pretty decent. There are 4 looping trails, we took the one marked with Blue. There are 16 KMs of hiking in Kelso. As I write this, I’m realizing we missed a lot. We may have to go back.

So Tired

After only 2 hours of this, I was pretty tired. Tired, but rather jubilant that we completed our hike and got some exercise in doing so.
We ended our afternoon at EddieO’s Pourhouse and Kitchen for Beer and Wings. The Wings were great. The Beer selection was lacking though. I was so full when we left I needed to be rolled out of there.

So that’s it, I’m done. It’s only the end of May, so I suspect there will be many more such blog posts.

Enjoy the 2109 Nature Trail Season

Until next time…