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    Yes, the title consists of a hashtag. Read on… Imagine standing on an East/West running street in Toronto at sunset and watching the sun line up precisely between the tall buildings that line these streets. Particularly King St., Wellington, Adelaide, and Bloor St. This is what occurred beginning February 15th and running for approximately 1 week after. However, Feb 15th was cloudy. So this “somewhat” natural phenomenon wasn’t great. Feb. 16th on the other hand was a stellar display of mother nature and I’m so lucky to have been on hand to witness it. I debated watching it from Gooderham Building for a short time, since a friend told me…

  • Photo-walks

    The Subway Entrance Series

    This became a thing, mostly accidentally. I was walking passed Museum Station one night and decided to shoot a picture of the entrance. It kinda just took off from there. Now, all I can think about as of this writing is when I’m going to get my next one, and which one it’s going to be.  There aren’t many of these. At the time of this draft I feel like I have 4 remaining. College, Wellesley, Dundas and King. Up to now I have Museum, Osgood, St. Patrick, St. Andrew, and Queen.  I’ve determined that they look better at night, so I have to plan around that. And not just…

  • Tdot Photo Walk

    Gooderham Photo-walk

    I’m referring to this as the “Gooderham Photo-walk” since that’s where our final destination was. If you’re unfamiliar with this landmark building, next to the CN Tower, it might be Toronto’s most photographed site. I don’t have the data to back that up, I’m basing it solely on the amount of images I see splashed within Instagram. But it’s probably accurate. Read on… The Route This was my first Photo-walk, with a group anyway. I’ve done many Photo Walks alone, but this is the first time joining up with people I don’t know and shooting. It was actually a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect so I…

  • Photo-walks

    Chester Hill Lookout

    I’ve just recently discovered Chester Hill Lookout via someone’s post on Instagram. And I have to say, it’s breathtaking. I don’t even use that word, so there must be something to it. The pictures I’m showing in this post were taken around noon. It was not a great day for photos as rain was on the horizon. But that light wasn’t as harsh as normal daytime shooting that I do. I will go back on a clear day, probably many times as there is a lot to work with here.

  • Transit

    Alone At Last

    Ah yes, Alone at Last. The day I took this, I rode the subway out to Vaughan Station. That’s about 9000 stops from the closest subway stop to me. So it took awhile.  My plan wasn’t actually to get this shot, it was to get a shot of the ceiling of the station, as I heard and had seen from 1 IG post that it was a vision. And it was, but I had some trouble getting a good shot of it. I’ll probably post that image later. But…on to the back story of this one.  As I was waiting to leave the station it occurred to me that the…

  • City Livin

    St. Patricks’s Day 2018

    Who knew Silver Elvis was thing?! Certainly not me. I froze my ass off that day, my battery died and I ran out of space on my SD Card. This is where I learned the 1st and 2nd rule of Street Photography (or any photography) Always carry a spare battery Always carry a back up memory card Seems pretty simple doesn’t it?