Inside My Head

The Creatives Community

Creatives isn’t specific to the Photography community. The word “Creative” encompasses many genres of art.

A Creative is an artist, a painter, a photographer, a clothing designer. You get the picture. Anyone that uses their God given abilities and talents, puts pen to paper, paint to canvas, presses a shutter button etc.
I have a new found respect for these people, as I consider myself to be a creator. The moment I picked up my camera and set out to capture my world, I became a creator. Not everyone can relate.
Most people can’t understand how someone can see beauty in objects that they can’t. Not because we’re better. But because it’s how we’ve trained our brains to react to our surroundings.

At an earlier point in my life that was me. I didn’t appreciate what went into the image I was viewing. As far as photography goes, a lot people think we just press a button.
Granted, there are some that do just that. But the majority of us see something through the lens that others can’t. The way light hits a subject, or a shadow created by a building. This is what impresses me.

My Inspiration

What inspired this post, you might be asking yourself. It wasn’t specifically my new found love for photography. It’s Friday night, my girlfriend is off to visit her family in a colder part of Ontario and I’m alone with the dog, Mia.
My inspiration for this post was an article I just clicked on. It basically just showed up in my Timeline on Twitter. It was interview of a 17 year old in Houston, Texas. He’s a year younger than my son. My son bought his first camera when he was 17. He’s already had at least 1 paid gig. Maybe 2, if you count the $10 he was paid for taking pictures of his friend in some random location in Vaughan, Ontario. But this is how it starts. I commend him for where his, so early in his life. Photography isn’t even his passion. He bought a camera because he took a course in grade 12 and it resonated with him. He’s got skills.
But I digress…

Back to the topic at hand. My respect for creatives. And my hope that after reading this, your respect for this community will be where mine is at.
I don’t just press a button. They don’t just point and shoot. They don’t just scribble on paper or scrawl on a canvass. A lot of thought goes into each shot, each line of text and each brush stroke.
I’m just starting out. I hope to one day have the vision that this community has. For now, I will just take notes and learn from them.

Shout out to my Urban Gorillas. You inspire me…

Until next time…