The Subway Entrance Series

This became a thing, mostly accidentally. I was walking passed Museum Station one night and decided to shoot a picture of the entrance. It kinda just took off from there. Now, all I can think about as of this writing is when I’m going to get my next one, and which one it’s going to be. 

There aren’t many of these. At the time of this draft I feel like I have 4 remaining. College, Wellesley, Dundas and King. Up to now I have Museum, Osgood, St. Patrick, St. Andrew, and Queen. 

I’ve determined that they look better at night, so I have to plan around that. And not just anytime of night. I prefer the light supplied between 5:30 and 6pm during DST. These seem to look better. I tried one at St. Andrew during the middle of the afternoon and it performed badly on Insta so I reshot it in the evening and it did better. I know, do we really care about Instagram performance? I do, with respect to what people want to see and what catches their eye (I’ll rant about Instagram and it’s algorithm in a later post. Everyone is doing it) . Granted, there are other factors that could have affected it. Maybe it was a bad edit. Who knows…

I try to set the CN Tower as a background, but it’s not always possible. Actually at this point it’s only been possible once. At St. Patrick for example the entrances face South. LAME! What were you thinking TTC…
But I digress… 

So, if you see a guy hanging around a TTC Subway entrance looking slightly sketch, say hi. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.

Update: King St, College and Dundas stations currently do not have any signage at the entrance. And the TTC sign at Dundas is one of the old ones. So I’ve chosen not to include those. If they get their act together and add signs, I’ll update this post.

Until next time…

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