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Imagine standing on an East/West running street in Toronto at sunset and watching the sun line up precisely between the tall buildings that line these streets. Particularly King St., Wellington, Adelaide, and Bloor St.

This is what occurred beginning February 15th and running for approximately 1 week after. However, Feb 15th was cloudy. So this “somewhat” natural phenomenon wasn’t great. Feb. 16th on the other hand was a stellar display of mother nature and I’m so lucky to have been on hand to witness it.
I debated watching it from Gooderham Building for a short time, since a friend told me the sun would light up that building nicely. But the images I did see from a previous #torontohenge made me drool and I decided to take the short walk over and up to King and Church to witness it instead. I’m glad I did. You can see for yourself from the images that it was amazing and something everyone should witness. Even though many drivers in Toronto have already seen it, but can’t appreciate it because it’s so blinding while you’re trying to drive…


I ran into a lovely couple at the intersection marking the event with their own shots. Toronto has some pretty great people living in it, I must say. And it’s occasions like this where they shine (no pun intended).
You can view Mark’s work here and his Instagram here.

On a side note, the moon could also be seen, screaming out for attention on the opposite end of the street. An image of this is also included.
I hope you enjoy the shots.

The next #torontohenge occurs in April, followed by 2 more in August and October. So there are a few more chances to catch it. If you live in Toronto or the GTA, keep an eye out, you won’t regret it.

Until next time…

King and Bay - February 15th

King and Bay - February 15th
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