Weekly Feature – Hoops At The Park

This week’s feature is the Basketball Court at David Crombie Park on the Esplanade in Toronto.
I’ve only shot here once before and I was much happier with those images than this outing. Today it just wasn’t clicking for me, no pun intended.
The lighting wasn’t great, and I knew it. As we all know, images shot in dull lighting don’t typically turn out very well.

In any event…

Park History

This basketball court is one of the most famous courts in Toronto. The court is located within the grounds of a 1.6 hectare park south of Front Street between Jarvis and Berkeley Street, located south of Front Street and is bounded by Lower Jarvis and Esplanade at its west end, and by Hahn Place and Scadding Avenue at its east end.
The park plan was designed as an integral component of the ground-breaking design of the mixed-income and mixed-use St. Lawrence Neighbourhood to maximize eyes on the park and provide an attractive green view to the many residents and commercial tenants facing the park.

I shall return here later this year for some better images.
In the meantime, enjoy these.

Until next time…